How to Add a Collaborator



Collaborators System

This system allows users to add other users to their Collaborators List. This is action must be approved by BOTH the requester and the recipient of the request. The Collaborators system also allows the user to invite, by email, the user's collaborators who are not already in the network, or to search for collaborators in the network.



Searching for collaborators or new people has never been easier. Aphrike Research allows you two (2) types of search: a simple, fast search if you know exactly who you want to find or an advanced search where the user can use multiple search criteria based on custom fields. Both search options are enabled by default. We  eexplain how to do advanced search below


Advanced Search

There are several ways to access the Advanced Search page, but the most common are shown on the picture below:

Navigate to 'Search Database' Tab or Click on 'Coallab Tools' and then to 'Members' as shown below. Click Advanced Search page where unlimited, custom criteria for a search can be built.


Unlike the Simple Search, the Advanced Search allows the user to create criteria for searching based on the custom profile fields values. Every field that is set as searchable in the custom profile fields configuration will be available in Advanced Search.



Adding a Collaborator

The most common way to add a collaborator is to visit his/her profile page and find the Add as collaborator button.

Either way, after clicking Add as collaborator, a new popup will show up. In this popup, there will be a text field in which you can write a custom message. This message is by default set to, "Hi, I'd like to add you as collaborator." and will be sent as a custom message if the user doesn't change it. There are also options to confirm adding the collaborator or canceling entire process.

Clicking Add Collaborator will finalize the process of adding the user as a collaborator; however, since this feature requires the approval of the person being added, the users won't become collaborators until the request is approved by the recipient of the collaborator request.

Click Close, the email notification will be sent to the added user as well as create an onsite collaborator request notification.

Adding from Other Pages

Aphrike Research does not restrict users to adding collaborators only from Profile Page. This feature works site-wide; basically, wherever there is a user list, there will be an option to add collaborators, too. Therefore, you can see this option on all User, Event, and Network Member lists etc..

Approving the Collaborator Request

The easiest way to approve (or decline) a collaborator request is to click the New collaborator requests notification icon from toolbar.

A popup with the last five (5) Pending Collaborator Requests will show up. The user can approve or decline the collaborator request directly from this window or, if there are plenty of new collaborator requests, the user can click Show All which will redirect the user to a Pending my Approval page that is also accessible through toolbar navigation from Collaborators menu.

Clicking Approve will finalize the collaboratorship request and the two will become collaborators on the network.