How to Register


1. Click on 'LOGIN/REGISTER' button or start the process.

then click 'Register account'

2. You will need to fill in all the fields on this screen in order to proceed further.

All of the information needs to be provided. If some of the information is not provided, Aphrike Research will notify users that errors must be corrected before proceeding.

Click Next to proceed

3. You will now need to select the profile type:


3. Custom Profile Fields: This is the step of the registration where the actual Aphrike Research  User Profile is created. The fields on this screen may vary, depending on the type of profile you chose.

Provide required information and click Register.

4. Avatar: This is the last step of the Aphrike Research registration flow. Avatar upload is not mandatory and you can either skip it or click Next.

Your registration is now complete. Go to step 1 and login with your newly created credentials and start searching for collaborators and other information