Aphrike Research Session @ Science Forum South Africa 2023

Aphrike Research hosted a session at Science Forum South Africa. The title of the session was 'In Conversation with Funder'. This was in recognition that funding for research and development plays a crucial role in advancing knowledge, tackling global challenges, promoting cultural exchange, building research capacity, and driving economic growth.

However, African researchers often face difficulties in grant writing, such as not meeting the requirements for innovation and communication, lack of understanding of gender equality, inclusivity, and intersectionality, and not knowing how to use impact measurement tools. Additionally, researchers struggle to translate their findings into policy and action.Therefore, Aphrike Research is organizing a session to bring together various players in the research ecosystem, including funders, researchers, policymakers, and the private sector, to discuss and address these challenges. The aim is to bridge the gap between funders, policymakers, and researchers and increase the usefulness and application of research output for the betterment of society. Aphrike Research strives to provide researchers, research managers, the private sector, research students, and policymakers with collaboration platforms and opportunities to engage in African research